The new Accessible Parking Coalition (APC) Affiliate Program enables organizations to form local APC coalitions, creating a grassroots effort to eliminate disabled placard abuse and make accessible parking more available for people with disabilities that are legally entitled to park in accessible parking spots.

Currently, members of the International Parking & Mobility Institute, as well as state, regional and international parking and mobility associations may become Affiliates.

There are no fees associated with becoming an Affiliate. The Affiliate program lets you determine the approaches that works best in your community, taking into consideration your own resources, capacity, sphere of influence, and desires. As an Affiliate, you will gain permission to use a customized APC logo (see below), lending additional credibility to your efforts — and you will be able to tap into the resources and expertise of the national organization.

Illustrative example of program/logo identifier:

In addition to IPMI membership, Affiliate program requirements include:

  • Signing an APC Affiliate Program Agreement outlining relationship and requirements of participation
  • Displaying APC Affiliate logo on website and other appropriate materials
  • Developing a local APC coalition including individuals with disabilities and advocacy groups representing people with disabilities (exemption for Supplier APC Affiliates)
  • Advocating for the use of the word “accessible” versus “handicapped” on signs, literature and in language

Level of involvement will vary. Each APC Affiliate will develop their own plans, guided by a local coalition of stakeholders including individuals or groups that advocate for people with disabilities. APC’s 24-page publication “Let’s Make Accessible Parking More Accessible: A Practical Guide to Addressing Disabled Placard Abuse and Other Parking Issues for People with Disabilities” as well as resources on the APC website will help in the development of a program.

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