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1 in 10 Disabled Parking Placards Being Misused, 2 Investigates

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) – On a brisk morning before the sun rises in Oakland, a group of investigators with the California Department of Motor Vehicles set their sights on disabled parking spaces and placards, hoping to send a message that misuse and abuse of the placards is not only against the law, but prevents those with actual disabilities from getting a close place to park.

Read the KCBA-FOX 35 article and watch the news segment.

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Gary ‘Tiger’ Balletto Addresses Handicapped Parking Issues

Former boxing champion and Cranston resident Gary “Tiger” Balletto is fighting a new opponent these days: ignorance.

In a photo posted to his Facebook page that has gone viral, Balletto shows a Jeep that was parked in the painted line area next to a handicapped spot, where he was parked, inside the garage at the Providence Place Mall Sunday.

“I think a lot of people are not totally aware of that’s what the lines are there for,” Balletto told NBC 10 News Monday evening. “It’s equivalent to a handicapped parking space. It’s the same thing.”

Read the Nov. 26, 2018 article by NBC-WJAR Providence.

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Holiday Shoppers Warned to Think Twice Before Snagging Handicapped-Accessible Parking

You might be in a hurry this holiday season but if you park in a handicapped parking spot and you’re not disabled you could face a stiff fine.

“Unfortunately this is the time of year where people abuse it the most. Black Friday they want to go in get those sales rush in.” Travis County Constable of Precinct 5 Carlos Lopez says even if parking is hard to come by on Black Friday and during the Christmas shopping season, that’s no reason to park in a handicapped space.

Read the Nov. 25, 2018 article and watch the news segment by FOX 7 Austin.


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Automakers Must Deliver on the Promise of Self-Driving Car Technology

When I bought my most recent car — a 2014 Chrysler Town and Country —the salesman walked me through the list of available upgrades. I could get a leather interior and heated seats without a problem, but there was one glaring oversight: accessibility. As a wheelchair user, I’ve found that no major automaker offers an accessible vehicle as standard…

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“Not Your Spot” Disabled Parking Campaign Begins

Rotary Central Cayman Islands has launched its “Not Your Spot” awareness campaign highlighting the correct use and importance of disabled parking spots. The campaign, which was started 14 June, aims not only to educate the public on the proper and improper use of disabled “blue spots” around the island, but also show why these parking spaces are so important to the people who have the rights to use them…

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